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Homemade pie. Yum! It may very well be America's favorite food. Pie is the time-honored, much-anticipated favorite finale to any meal. Now you may buy fresh, homemade fruit pies from one of America's best pie bakers and have them shipped to your home.

Chocolate Cream Pie topped with meringue

Here in the heart of  The Ozarks, I create award-winning homemade pies for restaurants, local residents, and visitors.
  These are not ordinary pies! The crusts are flaky, the generous fillings pure and fresh. The nuts and fruits are often locally grown.
I truly enjoy hand-crafting made-from-scratch pies and I humbly offer my thanks to you for visiting The Artful Pie website.

Ribbons for award-winning pies

At my mother's side in the 1960s, I learned to love making yummy baked goods for family and friends.
My very first pie was Apple, baked for my husband when we were newlyweds in the 70s. I remember reading the recipe from the back of the Crisco can.
I delighted in sharing my creations. Friends, neighbors, and family would exclaim, "This pie could win a prize!"
Soon, I discovered the joy and rewards of competition baking, entering local, state, and national contests.
I've been passionate about baking ever since--especially pies--and have been baking professionally since 1999.
I'd be honored to bake for you!


Baker proudly holding fresh-baked pie.

serious about pie

I'm serious about pie!

The Artful Pie, Inc.